African   Histories

The   African   Sickness

Dedications and Quotations

To Isak Dinesen, that in its description of the air of Africa of its novel " Memories of Africa ", made me dream about breathing it someday. To Africa and its people, so that it never cures to me of his sickness. "To travel is not only to move in the space. More than that, it is to accommodate the spirit, to prearrange the core and to learn" Ortega y Gasset When remembering a stay in African high earth impresses the feeling again to you of to have lived during an airborne time. At noon the air was alive on the Earth, as a flame; centelleaba, was waved and shone like water flowing, reflected and duplicated to all the objects, creating a great Fata Morgana. There above you breathed to taste and you absorbed security and lightness of heart vital. In high earth you awoke in the morning and you thought: " I am where I must be ". Isak Dinesen, " Memories of Africa "

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