African   Histories

The   African   Sickness


Africa is much more that an enormous earth continent, extension that include all type of cultures, races, languages, and a exuberante nature that penetrate in your body of a physical, brutal way, through all your senses, and even wake up some that our western civilization has induced sleep. Africa is the cradle of the humanity, and in her they have been and they follow found the homínidos oldest rest of, in a search of our origins that approaches us the Paradise that was Africa, and that in contrast shows the moral misery to us of this civilization, that allows that our Maternal House, Africa, this today more near Hell of which never it has been before.

This trip, with a primary objective to visit the greater amount of sites in the smaller time possible with that European eagerness to collect countries for our passport and album of photos, has become an inner trip as the time, that great artist who molds our lives and our minds, has been in charge to put each memory, each lived sensation, each scent and each image in the corresponding square of our brain, inoculating in your core " badly of Africa ", a feeling very difficult to explain to which it does not have been in Africa, but for that exceed all the words if the reader has more time in your heart that in your shoes.

The objective of this book much more obeys to an inner necessity " to make the duties " to be able to confront better prepared the next examination on Africa that to a desire to count experiences on a trip. Yes it is written with the difficult challenge to put in paper the accumulation of lived sensations and with the illusion of which to the reader it will animate to him to make his trip inner and, mainly, to watch of another way everything what concerns Africa.

Let us begin because the concentrated story of this trip, made between Julio and Agosto of 1996, who took to us to share merienda with a family of gorilas of mountain in Zaire, allowed to discover us why Uganda is to per it of Africa and Kenya a good example of all and the bad one of the European colonialismo, we could descry the continent from its higher top, the Kilimanjaro, and from one of its more exotic destinies, the island of Zanzíbar.

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