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African   Histories

The   African   Sickness

Dictionary of Urgency

Akuna Matata:  There is no problem.  
Asante Sana:  Thanks(in swahili).  
Bwana:  Sir.  
Coolie:  Indian of chaste loss transferred to work to Africa.  Daktari:  Doctor (in swahili).  
Dhown: Falucho (in English).  
Elmoran:  Guerrero Masai 
Habari:  How are you?(in swahili).  
Hapana:  Not (in swahili).  
Hatari:  Danger (in swahili).  
Hena:  Dye used for tattoos in Zanzíbar 
Jahazi:  Falucho(in swahili).  
Jambo:  Hello (in swahili).  
Kakazi:  Wind monsoon.
Kanga:  Pareo that is used in Eastern Africa.  
Karibu:  Welcome (in
Kikuyu:  One of the main tribes of Kenya 
kwaheri:  Good bye(in swahili).  
Matatu:  Public transport in Africa.  
Mau-Mau:Independentista movement Kikuyu against the colonization of Kenya.
Mensahib:  Lady.  
Muecín:  Muslim who calls at daybreak to the oration from minaretes.  Mzungu:  White man (in swahili).  
Ndio:  Yes(in swahili).  
Ngweko:  To caress (in Kikuyu).  
Pombe:  Beer (in swahili).  
Pole Pole:  With calm (in swahili). 
Ranger:  Forest guard(in Africa).  
Safari:  Trip (in swahili).  
Shamba:  Plantation 
Simba: Lion (in swahili).  
Tembo:  Elephant (in swahili).  
Toto:  Boy (in swahili).  
Uhuru:  Freedom.  
Wazungu:  White man (in Kikuyu).

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